Baobab Tree Mysteries

I am a “Baobologist”. A name I invented inspired by my passion for Baobabs. Not necessarily an expert in Baobabs, but certainly a student and lover of Baobabs. I am often asked to explain my love for these gigantic and mystical trees …

There is something beautiful and profound that happens to my heart when I see a Baobab tree. It expands and expands, and I am filled with love and awe and wonder. I get this feeling regardless of how big or how small the Baobab is.

This feeling is inspired by the size, beauty and powerful presence of these ancient giants. Each Baobab has a unique character, a distinct personality. And of course, their age – The oldest dated Baobab in SA is 1800 years old, but I intuitively feel that they are much older than this.

I often gaze at a Baobab, or sit in one, and wonder, “How did this happen? How can a living being be so old, so big, and so beautiful?” I’m not alone in my love for these spiritual giants. I have not met a person who does not love Baobab trees. There is a deeper mystery I believe we are all tapping into …

Baobab trees support in the holding of the energy grid of the Earth. This energy grid is a network of meridians, also called ley lines, or song lines, crisscrossing the planet. Just like in a spider’s web, all meridians, or ley lines, in the grid are connected.

The meridian network in the Earth’s body, mirrors the meridian network in our human bodies.

Reflexology and acupuncture work with this meridian network. It is the energy channels or electrical pathways pulsating through our bodies.


Just as an acupuncturist can heal a patient by placing needles at key points on the meridians of our bodies, so humans can affect the well-being of the Earth by praying, meditating and performing sacred ceremonies at key points on the Earth's meridians.


It is the same for trees growing on key points on the Earth’s meridians. They too act as acupuncture needles, playing an important role in affecting the well-being of the Earth. I see the Baobabs, standing proud, all connected, holding and knitting the energy grid of the Earth. They form a flower of life pattern, each joined energetically together, over the energy grid network, over the Earth.


This flower of life pattern is the same flower pattern that their leaves make. In the scientific name for our African Baobabs, Adansonia digitata, the digitata part refers to the 5 digits of a hand, as reflected in the 5 leaflets most common in Baobab leaves. The Baobabs join hands together, holding the grid in place, spreading love and light, and especially ancient wisdom, over the Earth.


This special role the Baobabs play takes Khalil Gibran’s beautiful quote to a new level.

“Trees are poems that the Earth writes upon the sky.”


Did you know that Hoedspruit has at least 37 Baobabs in and around town? I have had such fun plotting them on the street map published in the Hoedspruit Explorer magazine (issue 49). Photos of most of them can be viewed in the gallery at the top of this page.



Lynette Rink is a Nature therapist and can be reached via her website