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If you are looking for the best deals on Hoedspruit property, or game farms for sale in or around Hoedspruit, Century21 Wildlife Properties are the agents of choice. We sell a variety of property types from houses in wildlife estates, through to lodges and vacant land in reserves, Hoedspruit and the surrounding areas.
Our office is located in Hoedspruit, in the Lowveld, not far from the Kruger National Park.
About Century21 Wildlife...
Game farms for sale - We sell various size game farms across the Hoedspruit, Klaserie, Timbavati, Mica, Geurnsey, Balule area for private use, hunting or in conservation areas. Smaller portions will be around 21 ha and may or may not come with additional traversing rights. Game farms will have plains game, however larger farms or farms in larger reserves will also have “Big 5” game
Game lodges for sale near Hoedspruit – The term game lodge is used by many either as a private house, home or as commercial accommodation found in the bushveld.
Farms for sale – We sell a variety of farms in the Limpopo region such as cattle farms, breeding farms, agricultural farms, stud farms, and game farms. Smallholdings for sale in Hoedspruit - A smallholding is a small farm which is often used for residential purposes and may have some subsistence farming. In this area it may be within a conservation area, such as Balule and purely for private usage.
Guest lodges for sale - A guest Lodge is commercial property used for accomodation. These could be small bush camps, tented camps, bed and breakfasts, guesthouses or a hotel. They are usually situated on a game farm or within a conservation area and offer a bush experience for game viewing, birdwatching and safari activities. They are also used as a base to explore the area since there are a number of tourist activities near Hoedspruit and the Kruger National Park
Safari lodges for sale – Safari lodges are typically lodges that offer safari activities and usually offer “Big 5” game such as Lion, Elephant, Leopard, Rhino and Buffalo. The type and quality of accommodation can vary from basic to 5 star accommodation, from Kruger Park to the mountains, and from Orpen gate to Phalaborwa
Hunting lodges for sale – Many local and international hunters come to the bush to hunt. These lodges usually have accommodation and abattoir facilities. There are several hunting lodges in the Hoedspruit, Limpopo and greater Kruger Park area.
Holiday lodges for sale – If you want to buy your own holiday house in the bush we have a number of private lodges in wildlife estates which are great as a “lock up and go” They are convenient as you do not have to look after the running of the reserve or farm and have excellent security. Raptors View and Hoedspruit Wildlife Estate are two of the popular ones.
Private lodges for sale – This is a private house, hone in a game reserve or wildlife estate. It can be anything from a basic rustic rondawel to a luxury mansion. Moditlo is a wonderful reserve to own a lodge
Luxury lodges for sale – Buy a luxury lodge for private or commercial use and enjoy a 5 star safari experience each time you or your guest come to the bush.
Ranches for sale – Ranches are not a term many south African’s use. However we sell cattle and game ranches across the Hoedspruit, Great Kruger National Park, and Lowveld area
Wildlife properties for sale – We use this term for any property that has some form of wild game and situated in indigenous bush or bushveld. Very often this is a wildlife estate with free range plains game but also inclusive of Big 5 game.
Residential property for sale – As real estate agents in Hoedspruit we also sell property within Hoedspruit. These might be full title houses, sectional title units, town houses, flats.
Investment properties for sale – Invest in a well priced property that you can rent out on a monthly rental or sit on the land value with the intension of later selling. Find a property that meets your investment criteria in this Lowveld area around Hoedspruit.
Businesses for sale – Want to relocate to the area but need to make a living? Perhaps you can look at a business for sale. We have a number of sellers who want to sell at going concern.
Commercial property for sale - Retail sites in town, Safari Junction or Zandspruit, Shops in Hoedspruit and surrounding areas and warehouses, or any zoned commercial property.

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