Hoedspruit Wildlife Estate is a 680ha Wildlife estate situated in Hoedspruit, Limpopo.

The estate has 450 half hectare, full title stands. About half of these stands have been developed into residential homes or bush lodges.

Homes and lodges are set amongst large bushveld trees with views of the bush, Drakensberg Mountains or one of the dams on the estate. Lodges are typically 4, 6 or 8 bed, ie: 2 to 4 bedroom. Architectural guidelines apply and there are options to suit every need. Thatch or tile roofs are allowed.

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The estate has a wilderness area as well as a Game drive route, where much of the plains game can be seen. Although there are allocated areas for the plains game on the estate, the game does not distinguish between the various areas and roams freely throughout the estate.

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Hoedspruit wildlife Estate appeals to an array of people.

Home owners are allowed to rent their property out commercially which is a unique feature of the estate. This income potential is very attractive to some prospective buyers.

Owners are allowed to have two dogs as long as they do not disturb those around them and stay within your property. Owners are allowed to fence off their yard to ensure that pets can be kept in an enclosed area.

There are stables on Hoedspruit Wildlife Estate which means that owners can go on an out-ride across the estate.

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The lifestyle afforded by living on the estate is really special. There are several dams and bird hides on the estate. There are wonderful views, a safe environment, the pleasure of game and bird watching and the freedom to walk or ride a bike as there are no dangerous animals on the estate.

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The estate is secure with electric fencing, 24 hour access control and security guards. The estate uses a fingerprint access system for home owners, while guests and visitors need permission to enter the estate. Exit codes are supplied by owners for guests to be able to exit the estate.

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The roads are tarred and named after the Lowvelds’ iconic trees. The estate is laid out with two developmental areas separated by a large wilderness area. However game moves across the whole estate and does not distinguish between development areas and game areas.

Water is supplied from the Hoedspruit municipality and electricity from Eskom which has been laid below the ground for improved aesthetics.

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The estate is well supplied with plains game such as giraffe, zebra, wildebeest, kudu, nyala, impala, duiker, waterbuck and warthog. Smaller animals and birds are also abundant. The estate is dissected by the seasonal Ulanetsi River (a tributary of the Olifants River) and has 2 dams.Image titleAlhough the estate is situated just outside the small town of Hoedspruit, the town offers all the amenities that afford a comfortable life in the bush, including Spar, Pick ‘n Pay, banks, restaurants and schools- most notably, Southern Cross Schools which is a nature based school situated in Raptors View Wildlife Estate.


Hoedspruit Wildlife Estate is not a “Big 5” estate but rather contains a variety of plains game which are not dangerous to people. This means that homeowners are free to walk or cycle on the estate which allows a more personal experience in the bush.                   

There is an estate manager who is in charge of the daily running of the estate which includes infrastructure such as roads, security, and water and wildlife management.

Wildlife numbers are monitored as well as the impact of people living in the estate. There are a number of predators that come and go on the estate including leopard and wild dog. The odd lion has been spotted on the estate but these animals tend to be low in numbers and keep to themselves.

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Hoedspruit Wildlife Estate has a comprehensive list of rules and regulations to ensure that the estate is run effectively and efficiently and to ensure that homeowners have a clear understanding as to what is expected and/ or acceptable.

Architectural guidelines are in place to ensure that the estate is in keeping with the bushveld “theme” and that houses and lodges blend in to the environment. Some leeway is allowed which is not the case on other estates like Raptors View Wildlife Estate. An example would be that both tile and thatch roofs are allowed in Hoedspruit Wildlife Estate while this is not the case in Raptors View.

Other rules are there to ensure minimal impact to the environment as well as provide a safe and suitable environment for the fauna and flora.

All owners who purchase in Hoedspruit Wildlife Estate need to become members of the Hoedspruit Wildlife Estate, Home Owner’s Association. Not only does each owner own a full title stand, they also own a share in the remainder of the wildlife estate through their membership in the Home owner’s association. The Home Owner’s Association is self managing and owns the common land of Hoedspruit Wildlife Estate by means of a section 21 company.

The home owner’s association holds annual general meetings and nominates directors to manage the home owners.

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