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Go on a guided tour of the Canyon Game Reserve. Have a look at the various houses and stands for sale on Canyon Game Reserve, Hoedspruit. Stop over at the dam and picnic sites for some wonderful views. We can drive around the game farm looking for a variety of game. Canyon Game Reserve is a 424ha Wildlife estate situated on the slopes of the Drakensberg mountains.

The estate is one of the least densely populated estates in the Hoedspruit area, with only 44 sites, there is privacy from neighbors with a large open area for game to roam.

The reserve is secure with electric fencing and guards with limited access to residents. Water is supplied from the Blyde pipeline and electricity from Eskom have been laid below the ground for improved ascetics.

canyon game reserve hoedspruit

The wildlife estate contains giraffe, waterbuck, impala, wildebeest, zebra, mountain reedbuck, klipspringer, duiker, njala, warthog, bushpig. Predators such as Jackal and Leopard also occur sporadically.

There is an abundance of smaller animals and birds such as squirrels, bushbabies, sunbirds, redheaded weavers and flycatchers that nest around the house.

Enjoy the pleasure of owning your own home in a wildlife sanctuary. Awake up to the sound of birds, walk, jog or bicycle around the estate on enjoying the sounds and smells of the bush.

The elevation of the mountain slopes allows for exquisite views, lower temperatures in summer as it catches the breeze and the absence of mosquitoes.

canyon game reserve hoedspruit

Below is a list of information on the estate

Size: 424ha

Stands: 44 Stand

Size: 1ha Average Density per stand: 9,6ha per site

Approximate number of houses built:10

Ownership type: Full Title

canyon game reserve hoedspruit

Rules applicable: Constitution of the Canyon Game Lodge Home Owners association Commercial rights: No, only residential houses with 8 people allowed.

Game: Giraffe, Waterbuck, Impala, Wildebeest, Zebra, Mountain reedbuck, Klipsringer, Grey and Red Duiker, njala, Warthog, Bushpig, Jackel and Leopard.

Birds: High number of birds, mountain proximity brings in other specials such as Vultures, Taita Falcon. Fish Eagle also frequent the dam area.

Vegetation: High abundance including Kiaat (Wild Teak), Protea in mountain areas, Knobthorn , Acacia, Leadwood.

Development lay out: One strip with houses either side in thick trees and bush, there are more open areas on the rest of the farm. The reserve also raises quite high up onto the mountain making areas on the farm hilly with open views.

Stand views: All have Mountain views. Stands higher up have views over the Lowveld as well.

Other features: There is a good network of roads to do game drives but are better suited to a 4x4 as the roads are stoney.

Pets: No.

Roads: Dirt roads, steep in places and stoney on game drive areas Distance to town: 20 km to Hoedspruit.

Rivers and water: One large dam, other water holes for game

canyon game reserve house

Location: 25km from Hoedspruit toward JG Strjdom tunnel, situated off the R527 at the Blyde river, three km along tar road, turn off onto dirtroad.

Best features: Great Mountain views, quite and remote

Activities: Game drive area, several picnic spots and view sites

Main house design: Thatch with standard selective colours available.

Water: Blyde Pipe line

Power: Eskom, laid underground

canyon game reserve mountains

Developer: Fanie van der Merwe, currently lives on the reserve

Pricing Structure for Houses: From R1.5 million- R6.8 million

Pricing structure for Stands: From R500k- R1 million.

Let Rob take you on an investment tour, you may fall in love with Canyon Game Reserve.

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