The Blyde Wildlife Estate is a 394 hectare wildlife estate situated along the Blyde River with exquisite views of the Drakensberg Mountains and riverine forest. The estate consists of 154 full title stands of approximately 4000 square meters each, and a Clubhouse with restaurant. Situated just outside Hoedspruit along the R527 towards Ohrigstad, this is a great opportunity to own your own property in an up-market secure wildlife estate. Here you will find the perfect balance between living in the bush and maintaining a social lifestyle.

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Blyde Wildlife Estate appeals to those people who enjoy the bush, but who also enjoy a social and active lifestyle.  The restaurant and clubhouse serves meals and cocktails for a great little ‘get-together’ with friends, and offers you the modern convenience of internet access, a well equipped gym, as well as tennis courts and squash courts for those who enjoy working out and staying in shape.  In addition there is a wellness center offering a unique experience of bush pampering and relaxation, a shooting range for the adventure seeker, and a runway.

These facilities can be utilized at no extra cost if you’re an owner on Blyde Wildlife Estate.

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The estate is secure with electric fencing, 24 hour access control and security guards. All home owners have access permits on their vehicles which allow them access to the estate, while visitors and guests need permission to enter the estate. Temporary permits can be arranged for visitors that are staying overnight while day visitors can sign in at the gate. Exit permits are supplied by owners for guests to be able to exit the estate

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The roads are concrete and blend seamlessly into the natural surroundings.

The layout of the estate allows for development throughout the estate, with smaller pockets of undisturbed bushveld in between. The rules of the Home Owners Association accommodates the philosophy of a wildlife estate, with no fences or gardening being allowed and each owner being restricted to build within a certain radius around the building peg, which is approximately in the middle of the Erf, so that all 154 dwellings blend together into one big game farm.

Water is supplied from the Hoedspruit municipality and electricity from Eskom, which has been laid below the ground for improved aesthetics.

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Blyde Wildlife Estate has a variety of plains game which are not dangerous to people, so walking and cycling are enjoyed by residents and visitors alike, who are able to enjoy a rich and personal bush experience.

An estate manager and his team ensure daily running and maintenance of the estate, and includes infrastructure such as roads, security, water and wildlife management. Wildlife numbers are monitored as well as the impact of people living in the estate. Game species such as antelope, giraffe, wildebeest, small predators, hippo and crocodile are permanent residents on the estate, and the riverine flood plain provides great birding opportunities such as the Pels Fishing Owl.

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Blyde Wildlife Estate is managed by a fully inclusive set of regulations and guidelines in order to ensure that the estate is run effectively and efficiently, and these regulations ensure that homeowners have a clear understanding of what is expected and/ or permitted on the estate. The purpose of the building guidelines is to ensure that both building design and materials used, enhance the natural surroundings of the estate, and promote a high quality rural lifestyle for the residents living within this natural wildlife estate. Roof structures allowed are Thatch, chromodek or tiles that mimic the thatch look.

The aim of the estate management is to ensure minimal impact to the environment, as well as to provide a safe and suitable environment for the fauna and flora. However, two dogs are allowed under certain conditions.

All Blyde Wildlife Estate owners need to become members of the Home Owner’s Association, which entitles them to the full title of their property, while also owning a share in the remainder of the wildlife estate.

Owners are allowed to rent out their properties but for a minimum of a month. Short term rentals are not allowed. Friends and family are free to also use your property.

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