Update from Moditlo Special AGM

PUBLISHED 23 MAR 2020   

One of the popular estates in Hoedspruit is Moditlo Wildlife Estate; with its 1 hectare stands, mountain views and some properties viewing onto the seasonal river beds.

Moditlo recently had a Special AGM and the following points are of interest:

  • The election of a new Board and Chairman
  • The approval of new building size parameters – min 150 sq m, max 500 sq m
  • A revised pet policy of No pets, however present owners with pets residing at 31 Dec 2019 may keep the pet there until it dies
  • A proposal was tabled to allow Chromodek roofing.  This will be tabled for voting at a future date

Like many of the other estates, Moditlo is governed by the Home Owners Association. The HOA is responsible for management of the estates and setting of general rules and guidelines to keep an estate to a specific aesthetic standard with regards to look and feel of the estate, rules regarding building and then of course if pets will be allowed or not.

Century 21 Wildlife Properties keep up to date with developments in the area and any changes to estate rules to best inform our clients with what they need to know. A lot of people interested in buying properties in the Hoedspruit area, shop around and look at the various estates and what they have to offer.

If you have any questions about Moditlo or any other estate in the Hoedspruit area, let us know: enquiries@century21wildlife.co.za