Sales history and information on Moditlo Wildlife Estate

PUBLISHED 27 SEP 2019   

Yearning for wildlife living in a Big 5 wildlife estate with endless game spotting and peaceful living? 

Then this estate is for you! Moditlo Wildlife Estate is located 12km from the peaceful town called Hoedspruit. Moditlo is 3200 hectares in size and is a part of the 9600-hectare Blue Canyon Private Nature Reserve.

Moditlo is known as the “Valley of the Olifants”. This estate has some of the most spectacular wildlife in the region which is mainly due to the excellent vegetation in the estate. Some of the most prestigious animals in South Africa can be found in this region. The buffalo is in an enclosed environment to breed clean buffalo, the surplus buffalo will be released into the Blue Canyon Private Nature Reserve. 

The estate is comprised of three farms named Moria, Hoedspruit and Riversdale. Each farm has its own unique features and offers bush stands or river stands and some with stunning mountain views. There is a total of 474 full title stands averaging 1 hectare in size. You are also allowed to consolidate 2 stands that is next to each other and only pay 1 levy. This will give you even more privacy in the bush. 

A total of 34 properties were sold on Moditlo in the last 12 months totalling a staggering R16 227 382. On Riversdale Farm a total of 13 stands were sold reaching R5 169 000. On Moria Farm a total of 13 stands and 1 house was sold reaching a total of R9 373 382. And on the Hoedspruit Farm a total of 7 stands were sold to a total of R1 685 000.

The average bush stand sells between R300 000 – R450 000, mainly in the Hoedspruit Farm area. River and mountain view stands can sell between R450 000 - R550 000, whilst some of the more exclusive stands on the far end of the Riversdale Farm achieves up to R850 000 per stand. After analysing the statistics, we have found that the average house sale is between R2.5 - R2.7 million, at an average of    R11 000 per square meter. 

Each of the stands are fully serviced. Power is supplied by Eskom which is distributed throughout the estate via a 3 300-volt step-up/step-down high-tension network. Water is supplied by Moditlo's own boreholes and a one-million-liter reservoir, via a fully automated pressurized telemetric system. The estate recently successfully drilled a new borehole that is supplying 3000 liters per hour. Management has also cleaned out the existing boreholes and they all have good water supply. There is a total of 8 boreholes with extra water storage and 3 more to be drilled.

The estate is well managed by the Home Owners Association and has healthy and strong financials. In the last few years there has been a lot of improvements with money well spent, and many more improvements to come. In the last 2 years more than R3 million was spent to fix and maintain the roads. Roads are constructed with a compacted and rolled G5 gravel top layer. Several low water drifts, as well as a 1 in 100-year flood bridge and storm water drainage system have been constructed to complete the infrastructure package. Soon the new flood bridge close to Moditlo Lodge, crossing the Mbezi river will be completed. All the infrastructure has been expertly installed to make your drive home an absolute pleasure. Owners have about 110km of road to enjoy while game viewing.

Soon a 624sqm storeroom and office space will be completed, this will keep all Moditlo Estate equipment safe and house the new manager's office. 

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