Sales history and information on Hoedspruit Wildlife Estate

PUBLISHED 23 JUL 2019   

Hoedspruit Wildlife Estate remains a popular estate amongst holiday makers as well as permanent residents and this is evident in the sales data.  The sales on this estate currently equates to 27% of total sales in the Maruleng area.

A total of 125 property sales took place during the last 17 months totalling a staggering R205 million. Of these transactions, 31 were stand sales and 94 were house sales.

The estate only has 40 undeveloped stands left with 28 that is currently under construction.

The average house price is at R2 million while the average stand price is R600 000. When the Village sales are taken out of the equation, the average house price on the estate increases to R2 300 000.

After analysing the statistics of houses that have sold during this period, it has been found that the average per square meter price is  R12 500. This price is calculated on the sale price and the under roof square meters. This price includes the value of the stand. For some of the houses with top finishes and in prime locations, the price per square meter went as high as R16 000 (including cost of the stand).

Currently there are 24 houses and 6 vacant stands for sale. This equates to 6% of properties being on the market out of a total of 465 sites. The advertised house prices range from R1 900 000 to R4 850 000 with the Village units continuing to offer great value at R1 395 000. Vacant stands and houses on the greenbelt still remains in high demand.

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