Sales history and information on Raptors View

PUBLISHED 19 JUN 2019   

Raptors View Wildlife Estate is a very popular and sought-after estate and regular sales are achieved in the estate. In analysing the recent sales data from January 2018 to April 2019, the following observations have been made.  

In the past 15 months, 26 sales have been completed in Raptors View Wildlife Estate out of a total of 305 properties. Of these sales, 12 have been stands, while the remaining 14 were houses.

Stand prices have certainly increased over this period of time. There are fewer stands available and especially those in good locations, are commanding higher prices. The average price of stands sold, is R 701 818. 

Houses in Raptors View vary quite widely in price due to many factors. The size, condition of a property, the age, what the property offers and the location of the property are all factors that will influence the price. 

As qualified estate agents; in determining the value of a property, we use various methods. These include current market conditions, competing properties on the market and also actual prices that have been achieved for properties on the estate as a comparison. While these factors effect price what is more obvious is the number of rooms and an analysis on this shows the following:
The average price of 2-bedroom houses sold, is R 1 810 000
The average price of 3-bedroom houses sold, is R 2 975 000
The average price of 4-bedroom houses sold, is R 3 660 000. 

Currently there are 15 stands on the market ranging in price from R 830 000 – R 1 500 000. There are not many stands left in the estate, resulting in asking prices being higher. 

One concern might be that these elevated prices may slow down sales as buyers are still price sensitive.  There are other estates that still have stands for sale and buyers will compare the value to price ratio of these competing estates. 

There are currently 25 houses on the market ranging in price from R 1 900 000 – R 8 500 000. Some of these sales are builders spec houses. While 25 may sound a lot, it's around 10% of the houses and in line with other balance property markets in which there isn't a surplus or shortfall of stock.

Raptors View continues to be a good, safe investment in Hoedspruit and we expect sales to be consistently achieved going forward due to the demand and popularity of the estate; and the privacy of the 1 ha stands. The estate is well managed and well as there is an excellent diversity and good game viewing. Situated close to the Greater Kruger areas and just 70km from the Orpen Gate into the Kruger National Park.

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